Private Infrared Sauna Sessions:


30 minutes    $25
45 minutes    $35
60 minutes    $45
Sauna Packs: Purchase 5 sessions and get the 6th free

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Experience our private infrared sauna. Ideal as a standalone session, or as an addition to our spa treatments as it compliments any skin care or massage perfectly. Sessions can be done on a daily basis and are an ideal supplement to your health care regimen.
Infrared therapy has been used for over 40 years for its healing properties. In an infrared sauna, the body is warmed up directly by infrared rays, penetrating the skin up to 4 cm deep. As a result, the warming effect happens at the very heart of the muscular tissue.  This efficient increase in circulation to the tissues helps the body eliminate all the toxins and pathogens inside the cells. A session can be done to treat stress, fatigue, chronic pain, arthritis, muscular pain, respiratory conditions, strengthen the immune system, repair damaged tissues and reduce cellulite. It is a fantastic way to detox your body while relaxing your mind.


Enjoy a 30 minute Sauna Session
with a 60 minute Signature Massage
a 60 minute Organic Facial for $285.00
$25: add Hotstones
$40: Lucious Lips + Bright Eyes treatment


Enjoy a 30 min Sauna Session
a 60 minute Acupressure
treatment for $100.00