Body Treatments

Signature Massage Add-Ons

Hot Stone Add-On

Incorporate the warmth of hot stones into any Signature Massage for an additional step into relaxation. This is a taste of the full Hot Stone Massage, using a few stones mixed in with massage.


Organic Facial

A customized facial designed to suit your skin's needs. Featuring Éminence Organics, this treatment will hydrate, heal and rejuvenate your skin. There is some massage included in this treatment.

$70 - 30min (add on only)

Foot Bliss

Give your feet the relaxation they deserve. Soothe tired and aching feet with a stimulating exfoliation followed by a rejuvenating foot massage and you will leave the spa walking on air.

$70 - 30min (add on only)

Scalp Bliss

Who doesn't love a scalp massage? Sink into bliss while warm oil is massaged into your scalp to nourish your skin and hair while relaxing your mind. We recommend leaving the oil in for 60 minutes post-treatment.

$70 - 30min (add on only)

Back Facial

This is like a facial, but for your back! Experience a detoxifying treatment for those hard to reach areas. Address uneven skin tones while soothing away redness, blemishes and irritation. Your back will thank you.

$70 - 30min (add on only)

Infrared Sauna

Warm up your muscles before your massage, and open up your pores before a facial. Our sauna room is completely private - enjoy it on your own or with a friend. It's the perfect start or finish to any treatment

$20 - 30 min / $30 - 45 min / $40 - 60 min


2.5 hours of bliss.

Enjoy a 30 minute Sauna Session
with a 60 minute Signature Massage followed by a 30 minute Organic Facial AND 30 minutes of Foot Bliss for just $295

$25: add Hotstones
$40: Lucious Lips + Bright Eyes treatment

Body treatments

Signature Massage (non-registered)

Every body is unique, so we believe that each massage should be specifically designed for every client. Full body relaxation, or an area-specific focus. Couple with our hot stone add-on for the ultimate in relaxation.

*Not redeemable under most Canadian health care plans*

$135 - 60min / $160 - 75min / $180 - 90min Add Hot Stones $25

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Registered Massage Therapy

RMTs treat a variety of conditions such as musculoskeletal injuries, circulatory conditions, arthritis, nervous system dysfunctions, repetitive stress injuries, headaches, stress reduction and much more..
Can be claimed through most BC extended medical plans.

$145 - 60min / $190 - 90min

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Prenatal Massage

Performed by our RMTs who are specially trained in pre and post-natal massage. Let yourself relax while being supported with specific pregnancy cushions to provide a comfortable and safe pre and post-pregnancy massage. More..

Can be claimed through most BC extended medical plans.

$145 - 60min / $190 - 90 min

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Acupressure uses points along meridian lines to facilitate ultimate relaxation. Remaining fully clothed, this is a perfect modality designed to release tension and balance energy flow in the body. Add on a 30 minute Acupressure Facial Rejuvenation session. More..

*May* be covered by some health plans.

$135 - 60min / $185 - 90min
Add 30min AcuFacial $55

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Thai Massage

Thai Massage combines assisted yoga while applying pressure to points along the body’s energy lines using the hands and feet. Balance your body's energetic system while increasing flexibility and relieving tension. Performed on a mat on the floor, please wear loose fitting, stretchy clothing. More..

*Not redeemable under most Canadian health care plans*

$135 - 60min / $180 - 90min (90 minutes recommended for full benefits)

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2.5 Hours of Bliss!

Enjoy a 30 minute Sauna Session
with a 90 minute Signature Massage
your choice of 30-minute Organic Facial,
30-minute Scalp Bliss
30-minute Foot Bliss for only for $270.00

$25: add Hotstones
$40: Lucious Lips + Bright Eyes treatment